Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Outstanding conference staging

Two recent conferences that I have been involved in stand out for me. The first was Google Zeitgeist in the UK ,which was once again a spectacular success not just in content and structure but also in the way it was staged. Brand Fuel created a unique high-tech, TV studio type environment for several hundred European CEOs and senior business leaders. Loads of lights and gantries. Well positioned screens around the room. Lots of ground-breaking video clips brought by panellists to illustrate how they are shaping the future.

The other was the MTN global leadership summit. This was held in South Africa. Massive screen across the entire stage area. Stage itself projected right into the audience in three spokes from the centre, again with brilliant varied lighting, and huge globes onto which all kinds of images were projected to create a feeling of different worlds. It created a sense of theatre the moment people walked in. You can see the results by watching video clips....

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