Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Change Management - How to Drive Growth

Change Management - How to Drive Growth: "Most Change Management Is Waste Of Time
Every year billions of dollars are wasted on change management programmes - trying to make people change the way they work. Resistance to change is a number one killer of healthy corporations.

Past decades are littered with the debris of failed corporations that had the wrong products, wrong services or were unable to compete because of archaic management structures, out-of-date systems and bad decisions. But making things happen differently inside a big organization is a huge challenge.

Boards may spend days, weeks or months approving a battle plan, and executive teams work hard to flesh out the details, often running up huge consultancy bills on change management in the process.

Change management programmes must flow out of corporate strategy, which in turn should be based on the Vision and Mision of the organisation - but that vision, mission and strategy must be right, sharpened by smart interpretation of current trends and insight into the future. Strategies are often overtaken by events - changes in consumers, customers, competitors, technologies and other industry trends."