Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Future of New Brands and Branding

Future of New Brands and Branding: "Brands are all about emotion – and emotion connects with memory, self-image, hopes, dreams and aspirations. Strong brands appeal to many different senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, sound – either within the brand itself, or in the way it is marketed.

Brands can be very long-lasting – especially if they trigger positive childhood memories. Just look in your own kitchen storage areas. You are likely to find in there some brands that your mother introduced you to.

All brands create tribes and tribalism is the most powerful force in marketing and brand development today. We identify with a lifestyle, group, community, culture. If you want to understand the future of your brand, connect with customer emotion, and consider how those emotions could change.

Superbrands can be created rapidly – look at the rise of Lady Gaga in the first three years after her launch as a singer, or YouTube which became the world’s largest TV station within 3 years of launch. Neither of them achieved Superbrand status because of mega advertising campaigns. Both were driven to a significant extend by people who connected emotionally, and promoted to their own friends."