Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Future of the Food Industry

Future of the Food Industry: "Future of the food industry – articles, videos and presentations on the future of the food industry by Futurist conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon. Clients in the food industry include the Irish Food Board, Tetrapak, Rexam, Unilever, Danone, Sara Lee, Femsa. Food is an emotional business – just think of a mother’s anxieties when there is yet another scare about contamination of baby food. The same applies to drinks. So if we want to understand the future of food and beverages, we need to understand how consumer emotions are changing.

Food is fundamental to nutrition, health, growth and general well-being. Yet food can also be a poison, with 1 in 3 newborn babies born in New York this week likely to develop adult-style diabetes at a young age because of obesity. The food industry will become (even) more tightly regulated, but smart companies will always lead the way – as we have seen in nation after nation on issues such as clear food labeling, reduction of salt content and saturated fats.

The food industry is beset with many ethical issues which will grow in strength – whether safety of genetically modified food, sale of cloned cows, human breast milk from genetically engineered cows, animal welfare, irradiation of food to improve shelf life, sustainable farming and fishing."